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Rules of Engagement

Some Useful Definitions

‘We’ and / or ‘Dark Rose Films’ means the directors of Dark Rose Films Ltd., or their appointees.

The ‘final product’ is the movie / mini-series that will be presented to film festivals, marketed and hopefully sold.

A 'unit' is a film-making group, as well as the group of scenes which a film making unit makes.

The 'shop' means the facility on our web site through which items (DVDs, merch., games, ...) are sold.

‘You’ means any collaborator generating movie / mini-series scenes, or fragments of scenes, or other assets, like games.

‘Successful candidates’ means the collaborators who produce material that Dark Rose Films uses in the final product.


This document is the definitive description of the project / competition. If other parts of the site appear to contradict this document, please let us know.

Dark Rose Films and its judging panel (to be appointed towards the end of 2019) is, and will remain, the final arbiter of the content used to comprise the Final Product, or sold in the shop.

We ask you to share (on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, whatever) info. about the project and about what you are doing for the competition, by providing a link to this site (click here put the address on your clipboard), but not by providing links to, or copies of, any assets. Please use the tag #projectmeu


Our Input

We finance:

Your Input

You finance the production of the assets that you submit for consideration for integration into the final product.


Your Prizes


Our Obligations

Your Obligations