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Order of Play

We are firm about the deadline for the final submission. However, subsequent dates, decisions, etc., show our intentions, but we will be waiting on the post. prod. house, so…

Dates and milestones for the competition
Dates Milestone
Available already Screenplay, units (scene lists ... this word will also be use to describe the separate filming teams), character definitions, etc.
April 2019 Recorded music for on-set 'karaokiing', and actual music editing. Keep an eye on the newsletter.
Towards the end of 2019 Appointment of the Judging Panel
9 am 24th Dec. 2019 NZDT Final submission of assets for consideration for inclusion in the Final Product
˜July 2020 Rough Cut available
˜Oct. 2020 Final Cut available
˜Nov. 2020 Final Cut submission to IFFs
... Distribution starts