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What is Project MEU?

Project-MEU (#projectmeu) is a three-in-one competition to make a fantasy comic musical feature film / mini-series. This movie / mini-series, MEU (Middle Earth Uncovered), will be the first “matrix anthology” (Rose’s coinage) film / mini-series ever made. Moreover, it will also be the first comic fantasy musical feature ever made. If you join in, you will be taking part in a radically different, avant-garde project.

Dark Rose Films’ filmmaker, Rose Goldthorp, has co-written the screenplay "Middle Earth Uncovered". She has then split the filming task along thematic lines so that there are different 'camera units' , for example an "Elves A" unit, a "Dwarves B" unit and so on. Splitting the movie, in this way, is what is making this movie different and challenging. Rose is inviting film-making units from across the planet to join in making this movie / mini-series by being one of these 'camera units'. She and her judging panel will choose the winning eight units (film-making groups), and then she will be directing (supervising) the edit and the music.

Dark Rose Films, Rose’s company, will then be approaching festivals, distributors, sales agents, TV networks, etc., with a view to selling this movie / mini-series

The competition has three parts:
  1. A competition among independent film makers (units) to provide movie components
  2. A competition amongst independent musicians to provide the music for the movie
  3. A competition to provide transmedia components

The film-making units, musicians, and any other contributors will be credited. Any 'producer’s pool' profits will be shared amongst the people whose work has been selected to make up this "matrix anthology" feature film / mini-series. We would like at least one of the seniors (the producer, or the director) to be a woman, or the majority of the crew to be women.

How do we play?

If you are interested in helping to make this fantasy, comic musical feature film / mini-series, please just follow this simple process:

What do we get if we win (if our unit's work is chosen)?

The actual  (and definitive) details are in the Rules of Engagement, but, in summary:

What happens if our unit's work is not chosen?

After the competition has closed and the winners selected, Dark Rose Films’ website will be hosting (links to the) various units' collections of scenes. People (editors) can then have a field day selecting the units which they want, approaching those units for a license, and constructing their own fantasy, comic, musical feature films. Dark Rose Films will be delighted, then, to link to these other features.

What happens if I am making non-movie contributions?

The actual details are in the Rules of Engagement. A lot depends on what contributions you want to make, but, in summary, Dark Rose will, by the middle of 2019, have a shop on our site to sell your produce from.

How long do we get to make a contribution?

More details of the schedule are in the document here: Order of Play. In summary, however, we need your submissions by Christmas Eve 2019 (i.e. NZDT 9:00 24th Dec.), and want to be starting the festival circuit before the following year is out.