Make an Expression of Interest

A Dwarf

Assets That You Provide

It is most unlikely that a submission which does not fulfill these requirements can be used.

General Specification

There must be no swearing, blasphemy, or the like uttered by your cast - remember we aim for General, or Unrestricted certification, because failing to attain that rating reduces the market by at least 80%.

The scenes have to be either: 1) Made in English, or 2) ADR’d (dubbed over) in English (vocal)

At the start of every take:
- Have synchronising ‘clap’ at the start (preferably using a clapper-board)
- Have the scene number clearly visible and clearly spoken
- Have your group's identity clearly visible and clearly spoken

Always have in-camera sound.

Always also have sound captured by specialist equipment / operators (i.e. in addition to the in-camera sound)

Each submission must provide at least 15 mins. of screen-time.

Don't put a 'credits roll' (or the like) at the start, or end of your entry - we will put the credits on the end of the feature.


If any of these are missing, we can not use your submission - not our rules, but rules imposed by movie distributors.




These are what you submit first so we can review your submission.


Editable Media

If we see your work fitting into the feature / mini-series, we will ask you to supply editable media (because our post-house may want to sharpen-up your editing, alter sound-mix, or make some other such changes to your submission).

BTS (Behind The Scenes)

Remember: ALL clips / photos must be credited